Warrior Covert QRL3 Grip Jr. Hockey Stick

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Size guide

  • Lightning Quick Release - The explosive recoil increases the speed of puck release with more velocity and pinpoint accuracy
  • Minimus Carbon 600 - High strength, lightweight flat carbon composite weave design. Minimus Carbon 600 makes the Dagger Tapper III more responsive and maximizes the True1's balance and feel
  • Dagger Tapper III - Unique thin and strong hosel profile creates a Low-Kick flex that is easy to load lightning quick to release shots
  • True1 - Our light stick is optimized to have a blade light balance and feel that improve puck handling and control
  • Pro CorTex Grip - A textured surface coupled with a tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands in place for optimum hand control
  • Jr. Specific Color and Style - A graphic style made for kids wanting to stand out from the rest. The orange blade and Lightning Quick design will jump off the stick wall into the hands of all young snipers
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